Focus on the process and the results will come
A place where amateur or professional photographers focus more on the process and social side photography rather than the results. It's anything photography-related: planning, personal projects, marketing/business, shooting to post-production. Schedule sessions on a calendar, and update your progress within that session with photos, screenshots, videos in chat. Get points for showing up... and possibly get the boot if you don't show up.
What happens if I don't show up for my scheduled session?
Once or twice per week, it's fine. More times, we may suggest that this isn't the right solution for you right now, and you won't be able to create sessions for two weeks. We want people to keep true to what they set out to do, and not get in a habit not showing up to your work.
How do I show up for a session?
You will get a notification approximately 15 minutes before your session starts. You just have post a screenshot of laptop, showing your ready to work on whatever, or take a photo of the scene you're ready to shoot. You can set it to a pomodoro timer, or update as required. You must post a photo at the beginning and the end of the session . You can also join a video call. 
Who is this for and why?
Photographers and videographers of all sorts working on their business or personal projects. This space is more about the process and the social side You may have a personal project or want to practice new photography skills. Or you've grown stagnant in producing the same images over and over. Or you have new idea but struggle to promote yourself. The idea focuses more on the process rather than the results. The main idea is that you're showing up to things you said you were going to do and growing as photographer. 

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