What if you didn't have to sit at your computer to post process photos so you can. Get out and shoot more.
Send sophisticated editing instructions with each photo you take, with many variations. 

Play video.
-Multiple variations from one instruction. 
- No Sitting in front of a PC for hours. Dump the photos in a folder after a day
-Keep the original photo.
- Millions of combinations at your fingertips to every photoshop function.

Main Examples:
- Selectively and subtly Expose and colour parts of the images. Select the sky or subject or everything in between. 
- Automatically choose colours in photo
- Apply your LUTS, presets.
- Make several edits of each photo
- Add AI gen prompt to certain area of photo.
- Even if it doesnt do it correctly, you'll still have your original image, and have potential editing idea. 
- After taking the photos, you can choose how strong your edit with the rate, or which ones to edit.
- Enhance portaits. There and then.
- Enhance details, Reduce noise, Or Enlarge.
- Or do all of this this at once.

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